Generation Dead Review

Background on the Author

Daniel Waters is the author of three books that are all in the same series. The books are called Generation Dead, Kiss of Life, and Passing Strange.


The book is set in an average size town. The plot mainly takes place in a high school, in a haunted house where the differently biotic live, and the woods where the differently biotic kids hang out, and the football field.


The conflict is that teenagers are rising from the dead throughout the United States. Not everyone likes this. The undead teenagers moves to a town where Karen, her friend Adam, and the later antagonist Pete lives. The differently biotic go there because the school has more oppurtunities for them. The undead people face discrimination such as being bullied and even killed. The antagonist Pete doesn’t like, what he calls names such as wormburgers, moving into the school.


The suspense is what the anatagonist Pete will try to do next to the undead kids. Will he just bully them…hurt them…or kill them?


The two main protagonists are Karen and her friend Adam. They support the undead teenagers moving into their school and even befriend some of them.


The main antagonist is Pete who would love nothing more than for all of the zombies to die again.


The theme of the novel is discrimination. The discrimination is like what groups of people have faced and still faced. The differently biotic are taunted, joked about, and even killed.


The symbol in this book is the undead. They are going through what real life people have went through because of discrimination.

Plot Structure

The exposition is the first few chapters that explain the main plot. The rising action is when the differently biotic teenager Tommy joins the football team and no one except for two people on the team are happy about it. The climax is when Pete and his friends attack Karen, Adam, and the differently biotic kid Tommy. The falling action is Adam jumping in front of Karen to protect her from being shot. The resolution is Adam dying and then coming back to life as a differently biotic person.


I enjoyed this book and I liked how it wasn’t even close to the typical zombie story. I also liked that the differently biotic people faced types of discrimination that real life miniorities have faced.