Cooking and Your Bilingual Baby – Mixing Recipes And Words

One of the easiest ways to teach bilingual baby is to get your children involved in the cooking process. Every time you cook, you can make the experience of learning a new language extremely fun. By also teaching them the cooking of another country, you can also open them up to a whole new world of tastes. A lot of children always like to stick with the basics: chips, fish fingers and burgers. Getting them involved in the kitchen experience will help them not only learn a new language but also enjoy a new variety of food.

  1. Prepare for each lesson: Every time you cook with your child, look at it as though you are going to be giving a lesson. Make sure that you write down the words of each food in the other language (and if English if you want). Do some research on the recipe so that you can talk to your child about the history of the recipe.
  2. Divide the recipe into tasks: Each recipe should be divided into specific tasks. Make sure that you know which one you should come first. As you are doing a specific task (with the help of your children, of course) make sure that you explain each process in the other language.
  3. Make them repeat the words out loud: if your child is going to start beating eggs, first make sure she knows what the word is in both languages. For example, if you were teaching Spanish then make them repeat “huevo” while working with the eggs and using them in the recipe. The more time they repeat it the better.
  4. Revise once the cooking starts: Once you put the food in the oven or let it cook on the stove pot, review the recipe and the ingredients with your child. Go through each ingredient and ask your children how to say it in Spanish. If they still don’t know, repeat the words again for them to hear.
  5. Don’t give up: Teaching a second language, especially bilingual baby, can be a daunting process. Don’t give up and have a lot pf patience when it comes to your children.

Teaching your bilingual baby almost seems easier when you combine learning a language with cooking. Many parents complain that there are not enough activities when it comes to bilingual baby. You just need to be creative and your children will learn both languages in no time!

Teaching your bilingual baby can never be boring – especially when done in the kitchen.