An Honest Anthony Kane Author Review

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been the subject of Dr. Anthony Kane author reviews. Over the past fifteen years, he has dedicated his life to helping families create a loving and peaceful relationship between parents and their ADHD sons and daughters. Below, we are going to give you a review on this author.

Dr Anthony Kane is a licensed physician and has served as director of special education for a local elementary school. He has published a book and a number of articles dealing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). He also has runs a website dealing with parenting and special children’s education. He has lectured all over the country and has counseled parents with special needs youngsters. As a parent himself of children with ADHD and ODD, he has learned first-hand the difficulties and opportunities of the subject.

Youngsters with ADHD can usually be identified by five years of age. Kids with ADHD are very talkative, very active and playful. Sometimes they will play with any object they see. They are impatient and are easily distracted or forgetful. The key symptom is their inability to maintain their focus on only one activity.

ODD children also display similar behavior. Primarily, they behave in an aggressive or obnoxious manner, challenging their parents and other authority figures. Your son or daughter may have trouble finding friends, or have problems with their siblings

Dr Kane can help you find non-medication techniques for getting your children to significantly improve their behavior. He spent more than a decade researching the effects of ADHD drugs and how to wean your children out of them while still being able to maintain control. If you’re a new parent concerned about giving your kids medication, then this program is for you.

You may remember when you were young yourself and that the most important thing in the world was getting the attention of your father and mother. This is still true of your own young one, although with ADD and ODD kids, they not only want your attention but your love and guidance as well. Through Dr. Kane’s book, you will be able to improve your relationship in such a way that heavy or harsh discipline will not be necessary, and you will have a happy child that is proud of you and his work.

The techniques in ADD ADHD Advances can be used effectively in school. You will have to cooperate with your teacher and school and let them know in advance about your child’s condition. Regular meetings with them will be helpful in tracking your kid’s weekly progress. This proactive approach is very helpful especially with new teachers. Seasoned teachers may have had their own experiences and will be able to offer helpful advice.

Dealing with teenagers with ADD ADHD or OCD can be a harrowing experience for parents without professional help. A positive Dr Anthony Kane author review points out that the ADD ADHD Advances Course can dramatically improve your teens performance and strengthen the relationship of your family.