Music Review – All He Has to Say – Autism Song, by Aika Hirahara

In late 2009, award winning singer/songwriter, Aika Hirahara released a heartfelt single called “All He Has To Say” (Autism Song). This song carries the listener through a mothers emotional journey and realization of her one wish, to hear her son speak. The piano ballad is beautifully arranged by Nicolas Farmakalidis with a piano, five string violin and cello.

“All He Has to Say” (Autism Song) was originally a poem by Lea Bishop that was later crafted to one of the most sensational songs dedicated to raising awareness about autism. Lea Bishop wrote the poem that later became “All He Has to Say” after an influential experience as a teacher working with children on the autism spectrum. “There is an inextricable bond between teacher and students with autism,” Lea Bishop explains. “We were talking to the kids about their teacher leaving. Some of them are non-verbal or have difficulty with communication. We weren’t sure whether all of them understood that the teacher wouldn’t be coming back. But then one child got up from the circle and walked over to give her a big hug. For me, that moment captured the connection that exists between the child with autism and the world around him or her,” Lea Bishop said.

Aika Hirahara performed her song in front of thousands of participants of the 2009 Boston Autism Speaks Walk at Suffolk Downs. “All He Has To Say” (Autism Song), has gone from an artistic expression to a full out campaign to spread awareness and raise money for those on the autism spectrum.

Below is an excerpt of one of the verses:

Where’s the link we need?

That piece to make it whole

I need my little boy back

I need what autism stole

A comment posted on Facebook by Melissa Hughey Estes states, “Love the song but have only listened to it once. I cried like a baby. Tried listening to it again the other day but I had to turn it off or cry again.”

Aika Hirahara is the daughter of legendary saxophone player Makoto Hirahara and sister of Japanese pop star Ayaka Hirahara. Aikas’ passion for music led her to pursue her education at Berklee College Of Music in Boston.

Approximately 1 in 91 children in the United States are born with the developmental disorder known as autism. A portion of the proceeds of this song go directly to benefit children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The song is available at all major MP3 retailers including iTunes, Amazon and Napster. You may also purchase the song by visiting